Rename files with Excel

In a few seconds you will be able to rename thousands of files, be they images, PDF files, compressed files, MP3, etc …

Among several options you will achieve, for example, replace character strings, change from uppercase to lowercase, modify the extension, etc …

Sometimes several customers need you to send them images from your catalog renamed with their ASIN code, reference number or a short description of the product or image. In case of uploading them to a website, they must be renamed correctly to have a good SEO web positioning or so that your sales team has all the product information at hand from an Excel sheet. For example Amazon, in its Vendor Central, before uploading the product images it is necessary that they be sent with the code “EAN” + “main.jpg”.

To avoid doing each file one by one and with the time that that entails … I have created this macro with Excel, a program that will save you a lot of time.

I detail the steps necessary to rename with this simple and fast macro:

  • 1. Select the path of the folder where the images are located.
  • 2. Add the route in column B, clicking on the button “Choose origin route”.
  • 3. Write a text or paste the EAN of the product in column C.
  • 4. Click Run macro “Rename Files”

It’s that simple and in less than 2 minutes you can rename thousands of files. I recommend making a copy of the folder because it is not possible to undo this action in case of an error in some name.

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