Insert pictures with Excel automatically

On many occasions you will need a large list of images to create rates or product catalogs with Excel. Until now, you have likely added the images cell by cell or product by product.

Tired of adding images one by one to Excel listings? With this tool, which Microsoft Office does not incorporate by default, you will be able to add them automatically with a simple button, don’t worry about the size, it automatically adjusts to the maximum of the cell while maintaining the proportions.

In this macro I have added several buttons: center image in cell, select all of them, to delete all images and increase or decrease size.


The steps to follow are:

  • Select the folder where all the images are located, it will add all of them so it is necessary to leave only the essential ones.
Select folder
  • The Center Images button: automatically selects all attached images on the sheet and moves them to the center of the cell.
  • The Select Images button: makes everything easier, there are other ways to do it, such as “Find and select> Go to Special …> select Objects”, but they are not as efficient as a single click.
Select only images
  • Zoom in or out: it is very useful to adjust the image to the height or width of the column or row.
In this example they have been reduced with the – button marked in red
  • Delete images: by clicking the button, it will automatically select all of them, and after a confirmation by the user, it will delete them without undo option.

This application does not need any type of installation or plug-in by the user. Just open the file.

It’s that simple and in less than 2 minutes you can insert thousands of images in cells, it is also extremely useful. You can see an example below or see all the videos on the YouTube channel.

I recommend making a copy of the original folder, as it is not possible to undo this action in case of error.

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