Macros in a few steps to insert images, rename files, list files with path, create folders and subfolders, etc…

Optimize your tasks in Excel with our powerful applications. Whether you need to calculate simple EAN codes, automate processes or create stunning visualizations, our tools are designed to take your spreadsheets to the next level. Simplify your repetitive tasks in Excel by letting the computer do the heavy lifting for you. Our applications give you the ability to easily create and run macros, saving time and reducing errors. Discover a range of specialized applications that will help you work more efficiently and productively in Excel. Increase your productivity today and discover how these tools can make your life easier, download them by clicking on one of the following options:

You can add them automatically with a simple button, don’t worry about the size, it automatically adjusts to the maximum of the cell while maintaining the proportions. Valid to create lists, catalogues, rates with info+image, etc…

In a few seconds you can rename thousands of files, whether they are images, PDF files, compressed files, MP3, etc…

Do you need to create many folders and indicate different text to each of them? We have the application that you need so much, it is very simple, just add the folder names you want and make a simple click on a button. Once executed, it will automatically create the folders in the chosen path.

Add as many EAN-13 product codes as you need in column A and it will automatically calculate the result in column C. This application does not require any type of installation or plug-in from the user.

Do you need to create many folders and subfolders and indicate a different text to each one of them? I have the tool that you need so much, it is very simple, you just have to add the folder names in a column and simply click on a button.

Add the first 12 digits of the EAN in column A.
It automatically calculates the check digit and displays it in column C.

If you need to customize the program such as adding an image, your company logo, color of the buttons, etc… Contact us through the contact section for more information or go to Products to see the entire available catalog.

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